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Welcome to the Candoo web site where you can find descriptions of our products, services and capabilities. We specialize in magnetic field sensors, electronics, and site surveys.

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Candoo is the exclusive distributor in North America for both SENSYS Gmbh and Stefan Mayer Instruments of Germany. Both companies are manufacturers of fluxgate magnetometer sensors and related equipment. Application areas include physics experiments, geophysics, magnetic permeability testing, and magnetic field cancellation for SEM & TEM labs.

Candoo also represents MAGCAM NV, of Leuven Belgium, in BC, Alberta, WA, OR and CA. The MAGCAM is a unique sensing system for permanent magnet inspection. Applications include magnets for hybrid vehicle motors, magnet based sensing systems, & medical equipment.

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Stefan Mayer Instruments

Fluxgate magnetometer sensors


We offer great fluxgate magnetometer sensors and systems, go to the Products page for more information. Also there is the MAGCAM Hall effect sensor array for magnet inspection, click on the MAGCAM link on the Products page for more info on that.
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Services: calibration, consulting, and site surveys


We offer calibration, consulting, and site survey services. Click on the Services tab for more information.
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